Meds Biotech Full Spectrum Soft Gel Capsules - 1250mg

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28 reviews

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Meds Biotech pharmacist-formulated CBD introduces full spectrum CBD soft gel capsules, a quick and convenient way to experience the benefits of all-natural hemp-derived CBD at home, at work, or on-the-go. Packed with 25mg of CBD per capsule, and 50 capsules per bottle, these sugar-free, gluten-free, organically-grown soft gels offer you a pre-measured amount of CBD in each capsule to make dosing easy. Meds Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gel Capsules provide you with the daily support you need in a hassle-free soft gel made to match your lifestyle.

Like all of our full spectrum CBD products, Meds Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels are cultivated specifically to embrace the myriad of compounds found in the hemp plant. These pharmacist-formulated capsules provide your routine a boost with an enriching blend of terpenes and cannabinoids meant to work in tandem with each other. We grow our full spectrum CBD with you in mind.

Meds Biotech Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels are lab tested and follow our rigorous safety and approval guidelines. We recommend two capsules per serving for the full CBD experience.

Key Facts

With 1250mg of Full Spectrum CBD

Total CBD

1250 mg

Weight/ Volume

68 g




Bovine Gelatin, MCT Oil, Purified Water, and Hemp Extract.


Meds Biotech Full Spectrum Soft Gel Capsules - 1250mg

Customer Reviews

Great product. On the move I can grab these softgels and roll out.
The price is great for what you get. They do help with some pain and they take the edge of of a bad day.
Great product at a great price with fast shipping. What’s not to love?
I really like this but it is hard to come by. I am still waiting for the second bottle I ordered a while back.
I use them ,because of my bad knees ,does help

Common Questions

What about your CBD capsules — do they have CBD oil in them?

Our CBD capsules are another great way to take your pharmacist-formulated CBD, especially if you are one of those busy people with a hectic lifestyle. It’s as simple as popping a daily vitamin, except with all of the possible benefits of taking CBD. Our capsules are available with or without turmeric or other natural ingredients, to give you the option of a little extra-added boost.

Okay, but how can I know that I’m buying the best CBD oil?

The best companies, like Diamond CBD, do a few things to ensure that their customers receive only top-quality CBD oil. First, we provide clearly-labeled packaging on all of our CBD oil products, including our CBD edibles and CBD capsules. We also provide independent third-party lab reports for all of our CBD oil products so that consumers know exactly what’s in the bottle. Moreover, we have a customer experience team ready to help answer any and all of your questions should you need anything along the way.

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What is CBD?

CBD is a natural constituent of hemp that has become for many the preferred product of choice because it does not cause any psychotropic effects.