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50 per jar

500mg of Industrial Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD).

Do you use synthetics or THC in your products?

Our focus is to research and develop innovative natural CBD extracts with no synthetics or THC. We pride ourselves in producing the finest and purest CBD oils while never compromising quality. Check out our About Page for more information. Our CBD is constantly tested to ensure quality. We list all our ingredients on our website as well as on each package. We also have lab reports for many of our products available online.

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Great value in these CBD capsules.
Excellent for my chronic pain!! I have tried most of your products and they all work for me. Relieves the stabbing pain in my lower back, helps with anxiety and depression. I've been using your products for about 4 years with excellent results. I've also have my 83 yr old mama taking the watermelon gummies and I've noticed a big difference in her mental health and her back pain. I also have a few friends who are using your products, thanks to me, lol. They also have noticed a difference with their issues. I'm one happy customer and will continue using all of them!!
Great product hope the new ones are as great as the old. Have not used the new ones yet.
Helps with my back pains. Excellent service. Will buy again.
About an hour after my first two capsules, I noticed a complete release of all pain from my body. I felt gentle relief and the ability to calmly be in my body without fidgeting to find comfort or constantly repositioning myself to lessen my pain. I have joint pain throughout my body from a very physical job as a decorative artist. This formula has helped me maintain my yoga practice and sleep well when before I would ache too much to exercise or rest.
Great .... keeps me focused and calm
Very good product and service.
I take 2 am and 2 pm along with the oil when needed throughout the day. Helps with pain predominantly why I use CBD. I was crushed from the waist up in a life-threatening auto accident. I now am comprised if much titanium and suffer from a very rare injury which only 5 physicians in the nation specialize. CBD also helps my PTSD, anxiety, depression. The only way I can afford this is when you do the 50% off discount, living on disability payments. I have researched and been using CBD for years, so I've tried many and Meds Biotech is by far the best. It has helped in so many ways.
I use combination of oil and capsules..... I think its helping to hold my cancer at bay and is slowing it down if nothing else.
Excellent product. I can really tell a difference since I started using CBD.
I take this in the morning and I feel considerably less anxious at work. I take it at night and I am more relaxed and ready to sleep. This stuff is great.
Used in conjunction with unflavored 1000mg.... Added Bonus 500Mg.
Helps me relax enough to get decent sleep.
it exceeded my expectations, 500 is much better than 300
My pain doctor recommended this product and it has helped greatly with my anxiety. Thank You !
Works great and is easy and fast to take
Love it. Helps decrease the non diabetic neuropathic discomfort I have in my feet without causing drowsiness or a “hung over” feeling that I got from prescription medication.
Great product, Amazing price and fast delivery. Highly Recommend any products from Diamond CBD!
Worked OK, need to offer stronger milligram in these