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Posted on November 1, 2019

Announcing the Meds Biotech Wellness Giveaway

We care about your wellbeing, and so we want to help you maintain it with the Meds Biotech Wellness Box Giveaway. Enter for your chance to win 21 premium products designed to put you on track toward your best life. 
Posted on October 17, 2019

What is CBD Oil

Contrary to popular opinion, CBD is not a miracle cure-all. It’s not medicine, and it’s not FDA approved, but it is something special. For centuries, humans used phytocannabinoids as medicine. Today, online testimonials will show that CBD is one of the most popular wellness products on the market, improving the lives of many, from celebrities and sports stars to grandmas, and even pets.

Posted on October 10, 2019

Top Tips for Self-Care with Meds Biotech

Happy World Mental Health Day! For those of you who didn’t know, today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. The World Health Organization declared that October 10th (10/10) to be the day for raising awareness of mental health issues around the world. So to honor Mental Health Day 2019, Meds Biotech is promoting the importance of self-care and how it benefits your mental health.
Posted on October 3, 2019

Must-Have CBD Products for Fall

Fall: sweater weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, scarves, and Halloween. It is truly the perfect time of year. The temperatures finally drop; the foliage turns into lovely shades of red, orange, and yellow; and the air has a certain crispness to it that just calls for a cozy evening by the fire.
Posted on September 19, 2019

Five CBD Products You Must Try This Fall

As the seasons begin to change, the kids go back to school, and life gets back to its old routines, it is the perfect time to try some fantastic CBD items from Meds Biotech. To help with the decision-making process, here are five of our top CBD products you just have to try this Fall.
Posted on September 12, 2019

Staying Focused Can Be Tough, Taking CBD is Easy

Remaining focused can mean the difference between making major progress in your life or suffering the productivity equivalent of sitting around counting daisies and cloud watching. But with all the distractions we have today, staying focused is hard. But, thankfully, taking CBD is easy.
Posted on September 5, 2019

How do you take your CBD Oil every day?

Pills, lotions, bath bombs, gummies, or good ol fashioned just putting a few drops under your tongue. It seems like the methods for taking CBD oil are as numerous and varied as the types of people that enjoy using it. So how do you like to take your daily dose of CBD?
Posted on August 29, 2019

We’re All About Those CBD Gummies at Meds Biotech

Meds Biotech CBD Gummies are a premium source of CBD for anyone with a sweet tooth. These Gummies, which Meds Biotech produces in a variety of flavors, strengths, and styles, bring users all of the benefits of a pharmacist-formulated CBD product in a flavorful edible that’s a whole lot of fun.
Posted on August 21, 2019

One Last Summer Hoorah with CBD

Whether you have additional vacations planned or are just going to spend the remaining days of summer at home, grab some CBD and chill for the rest of the summer.
Posted on August 15, 2019

The Top Ten Wellness Trends of 2019

Wellness, which includes everything from fitness and healthy eating, to mental health, mindfulness, and every kind of self-improvement in between, is more important than ever. And there’s always a new way to invest in yourself. Here are the wellness trends making huge waves in 2019.