Why Is Pharmacist-Formulated CBD Oil Important To You?

Posted on July 20, 2018

CBD oil that’s pharmacist-formulated? When we tell you that our CBD oil is pharmacist-formulated, what do we mean by that, exactly? And why is that important? Let’s break it down, step-by-step.

The “Pharmacist” In Your CBD Oil

Pharmacists are a super important part of your health care team and are often directly involved with patient care. Their job is to make sure you obtain the proper medication and that the ingredients in that medication are of high quality and safe for you, personally, to use. (Sure sounds like someone you’d want checking up on your CBD oil!)

Pharmacists undergo extensive education in human physiology, biochemical mechanisms of drugs, uses of drugs, their therapeutic effects, their side effects, potential drug interactions, and so on. Pharmacists bring this specialized knowledge to the table in their work with doctors, surgeons, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals.

To become a pharmacist, one must have earned a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. In the United States, these programs require at least two years of specific pre-professional (undergraduate) coursework followed by four academic years of professional study. Those are some serious qualifications. (Yep, definitely someone who can handle my CBD oil!)

The “Formula” In Your CBD Oil

It may sound obvious, to some. You might think it’s just the ingredients in a product, but it’s more than just that.

To be able to make an effective pharmaceutical formula you need to have intimate knowledge of what is known as the pharmaceutical formulary. A formulary is like a dictionary for drugs. It contains a vast collection of information about a myriad of active compounds that are used in drugs.

It also contains information on the effects and side effects of drugs, their interactions with each other, their potential allergic reactions, and so on. Not only are there a set of compounds listed in a formulary, but there’s also an entire world of medical vocabulary.

It goes for everything, from prescription medication, to over-the-counter medication, to something like our CBD oil (which, to be clear, is not a pharmaceutical!).

To be able to formulate a product that is safe and effective, a pharmacist needs to be able to understand all of this information fully.

Pharmacist-Formulated CBD Oil

One of the most important things to pharmacists is the quality of the ingredients that they put into a formula —in this case, into your CBD oil. Only the best products are considered. A pharmacist needs to know what is and what isn’t right for each product.

So let’s put it all together.

Our pharmacist-formulated CBD-oil comes from a doctor of medical science, with a minimum of six years of anatomical and medical education and an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceuticals listed in a formulary.

Moreover, pharmacist-formulated CBD oil comes from ingredients and active compounds which are safe and also highly effective for their intended use (not to be confused with pharmaceuticals, which these products are not!).

There are so many CBD products on the market today; it’s tough to sort out the good from the bad. Many CBD companies simply order bulk CBD from the cheapest vendor and throw it in a vat with some other ingredients, stick it in a bottle, and slap a label on it.

If you truly want top-quality CBD oil that is safe and effective, you want pharmacist-formulated CBD oil products. That’s exactly what we offer here, from CBD oil to CBD capsules, to CBD gummies. Feel confident that you’re doing your CBD oil shopping in the right place.