What's The Right Measured Dosage Of CBD Oil For Me?

Posted on July 27, 2018

CBD oil holds the potential to do any number of amazing things, from helping with inflammation and joint pain, to possibly being the key to a better night’s sleep. And with pharmacist-formulated CBD oil from Meds Biotech (or CBD Gummies or CBD capsules for that matter), you can feel confident knowing that not only do you have the power of CBD oil working for you but that you have the guaranteed backing from professionals behind every drop.

But how do you dose your CBD oil? It’s not like an old recipe from grandma where “a little bit here,” and “a dollop there” is all you need. In today’s health-conscious world finding the right dosage for your needs is necessary to help you and your endocannabinoid system find the right balance.

CBD Oil Dosing: Where To Start

The experts say that somewhere from five to 25 milligrams a day of CBD oil is most likely your best bet, depending on a few unique factors. We always recommend that you start small and work yourself up (also known as titrating) to a dose that you find beneficial. That’s because CBD oil affects everyone differently —a perfect dose for you may be too much for someone else, and, conversely, too much for you may feel like nothing to another person.

Why? A few things factor into the equation. When deciding how to dose CBD oil you want to consider:

  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • Your metabolism
  • Your tolerance level
  • Your goals
  • Your preferred method of intake

For example. Someone who is smaller may want to start with five milligrams per day, while a larger person may go for a higher dose right off the bat. But let’s take a look at some of the mitigating factors when it comes to dosing CBD oil.

CBD Oil: Your Height and Weight

This one’s probably the most obvious and most straightforward to understand, but it’s essential nonetheless. Your height and weight is an important factor when it comes to dosing CBD oil. While every person is unique, in general, a smaller, shorter person may want to start with a lower dose of CBD oil, while a larger person may wish to begin at the upper end of the spectrum. But again, a lot of this also depends on…

CBD Oil: Your Metabolism and Your Tolerance Level

That’s right! Your metabolism can affect your CBD oil dosing. Just like with anything else we put in our bodies, some of us may metabolize CBD oil faster than others. For those of you that do, you may wish to start with a higher dose, regardless of your body size. Similarly, you may want to start with a higher dose of CBD oil if you have taken CBD oil in the past and know you have a high tolerance for it. Still, none of that makes a difference unless you consider…

CBD Oil: Your Goals and Method of Intake

Why are you taking CBD oil? Is it for an everyday health and wellness boost, or to treat something more targeted like joint pain and inflammation? WIll you be using CBD oil or CBD gummies? Is your life so hectic that a quick CBD capsule is all you have time to take?

All of these questions are important, as they will factor into your CBD oil dosage, especially early on when you first start taking it.

Where To Start

Once you consider everything above, choose a dose and stick with it for a couple of days. You need to give your body time to adjust to the cannabidiol. Be aware, however, if you’re taking CBD oil for an everyday health and wellness boost, the effects may be small. With pain relief or relaxation, the results may be more noticeable.

Take stock of what your body is telling you after a few days, and if you’re not feeling any effects at all, then you should make an incremental increase in your dosage.  Don’t go higher than five more milligrams of CBD oil (although a larger person may consider ten milligrams).

Keep repeating this process until you find your perfect dose of CBD oil.

Meds Biotech CBD Oil

Whether you take our CBD oil, or our CBD Gummies —or anything from our CBD selection —it’s important to listen to your body. Always start small, especially if you’re new to CBD oil. While CBD oil is safe, all-natural, and non-toxic, meaning it’s hard to take too much, it’s still best to play things safe. And when in doubt, never hesitate to contact a professional for advice.