CBD oil in a capsule? CBD capsules with turmeric? Let’s take a moment to explain. Turmeric is loaded with health benefits. In many ways, it has the same benefits found in CBD oil. Using the two together may give your body one heck of a health boost. Take a CBD capsule with turmeric once a day and your immune system may potentially thank you.

We added turmeric to our own industrial hemp CBD capsules. Studies show that our CBD capsules with turmeric have the potential to boost your immune system and help protect your body. The powerful antioxidant properties of turmeric are just one of the many benefits we combined with the all-natural power of CBD oil. Here is everything you need to know about our CBD capsules with turmeric:

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is used in many Asian and South Eastern recipes, and it’s a major part of Indian traditional medicine known as Ayurveda. You’ll recognize it as the cooking spice that gives curry its yellow color.

It’s the curcumin in turmeric that gives it the signature yellow color. But it’s more than just a dye. Curcumin is kind of like the secret ingredient that makes turmeric such a superfood. It contains the spice’s powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which Eastern science has been harnessing for eons. Western science is only now catching up.

Why Add Turmeric to CBD capsules?

Like CBD, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. The two could work naturally with your body to possibly regulate your immune system and minimize the effects of chronic inflammation. And inflammation can lead to all kinds of terrible things. But taking CBD oil with turmeric may protect your body against further damage.

Speaking of protection, turmeric is a very potent antioxidant that some even say may rid your body of free radicals. Free radicals are like pesky molecules that we can’t avoid —they come in the form of pesticides, cigarette smoke, even fried foods and react badly with the organic compounds in our bodies. For more on how turmeric can help we recommend starting here.

The important point here, however, is that CBD oil and turmeric, like the kind found in our CBD capsules, may boost the production of your own antioxidants. And really, who thinks that’s a bad thing?

The Benefits of Turmeric and CBD Oil

Turmeric is also thought to be effective against digestive problems, making it a perfect partner for CBD oil. Stress can cause us to feel all kinds of nauseous, but CBD capsules with turmeric may just help to mitigate many anxiety-related symptoms.

If you experience indigestion or heartburn when you’re anxious, anecdotal evidence, as well as some research, shows that turmeric may offer some much-needed relief. CBD oil naturally calms anxiety, and the addition of turmeric could settle your stomach, reducing any symptoms that could make your anxiety worse.

CBD Capsules with Turmeric

Turmeric, by weight, only contains 3 percent of curcumin. So spicing up your food isn’t enough to obtain the true health benefits of turmeric. You need a proper dose to give your body the boost it needs.

Meds Biotech CBD capsules with turmeric come with 25mg per serving to ensure you receive the dose you need in order to be your best self. These capsules are safe to take every day, making it an easy addition to your daily routine. So click here and grab a bottle today. Your stomach may thank us later.

(Or, if you prefer, there’s always our good old-fashioned CBD capsules without turmeric, which can be found right here.)