Contrary to popular opinion, CBD is not a miracle cure-all. It’s not medicine, and it’s not FDA approved, but it is something special.

You don’t need to take our word for it. One only has to google online testimonials from celebrities, sports stars, grandmas, and even pets, to see that not only is CBD one of the most popular wellness products on the market, but it’s also vastly improving the lives of many people.

For consumers, many questions remain. Everything from basic questions about what are cannabinoids –CBD’s actual name– to legality, to dosage and usage methods, can be very unclear. 


Cannabinoids and our bodies

To figure out what CBD is and why so many people are calling it a miracle cure (though remember that it’s not), the best place to start is inside ourselves.

We all have an Endocannabinoid System. This system is what it sounds like, a place for cannabinoids to interact with internal human processes. We know less about this system than other neurological processes. It could have a role in everything from memory, to the immune and reproductive systems, to stress and pain management systems. It's thought to interact with many, many parts of the body.

So what does this have to do with understanding CBD? Great question.

When we take CBD, there is an endogenous receptor in our body ready to accept the CBD and put it to work. Although CBD is not pharmacology, the study of modern medicine, modern medicine uses similar processes to heal us. 


What is CBD?

Humans began cultivating hemp thousands of years ago because it is one of the fastest-growing, most robust materials for building structures, making clothes, and more. Today, its number one use is as a source of CBD.

Scientists discovered the phytocannabinoid in 1940. Today we know about 113 different phytocannabinoids, of which CBD is one. CBD can be found in all cannabis plants, but hemp, specifically, is a low THC, high CBD varietal of the plant species. In a legal context, the United States defines hemp as having less than .3 percent THC.

For the growing CBD market, scientists cultivate hemp to contain higher levels of CBD. 

CBD should not be confused with hemp oil, which is oil extracted from hemp seeds and contains no cannabinoids. CBD is found in the hemp flower (not dissimilar to the marijuana flower, which is known for having high levels of, illegal, THC).


CBD isn’t a miracle drug, but it can improve your lifestyle

For centuries, humans used phytocannabinoids as medicine. Before the advent of modern science, Chinese and Persian doctors used phytocannabinoids to soothe pain and decrease inflammation. 

Prohibition of all forms of cannabis began just about the time that modern medicine began taking off, disallowing further research and understanding of how cannabis could benefit the body. 

Fast-forward a century, and prohibition is slowly changing. CBD took the world by storm with videos of young children with extreme epileptic seizures or patients with multiple sclerosis who could experience relief with the drug. 

It seems miraculous, but the truth is, we don’t know why CBD appears to be beneficial for certain patients. Now that prohibition of CBD is over, medical researchers are renewing the search to understand plant-based phytocannabinoids and their interactions with the body. 

The US Federal Drug Administration is firm in reminding consumers that CBD doesn’t cure pain or cancer, as it continues to conduct its own research into the popular phytocannabinoid. These clinical trials can take years and, in the meantime, CBD is helping people around the world feel better every day of their lives. 


Get in on the CBD action

Google testimonials from people who use CBD regularly to learn that for athletes looking to recover faster, for worker bees increasing productivity, and for anyone trying to sleep better and more soundly, CBD can be a tool in achieving those goals. 

There are so many different CBD products. It can be hard to separate the good from the bad or know what type of product to purchase in order to achieve your target CBD experience.

The first thing to look for is a company with strong purity standards. The vaping crisis across the United States is showing consumers how an under-regulated market can be dangerous. Fortunately, reputable CBD companies are self-regulating to protect consumers. 

Perhaps “self-regulating” doesn’t sound safe, but responsible companies are using third-party testers to verify the purity and quality of the product. On every product page, Meds Biotech displays its third party lab results. They test each of their products for pesticides, heavy metals, terpenes, CBD, THC, and more. Transparency is what separates high-quality CBD from low-quality CBD.

The next step in selecting a CBD product is to decide where you’re trying to increase your everyday wellness. 


CBD for sports

Perhaps it’s to decrease recovery time at the gym. There’s a CBD product for that. Many athletes are currently touting CBD infused sports cream. It is designed to be applied anywhere you’ve overworked your muscles for a little extra boost in recovery. 

CBD for beauty

CBD beauty products take your relationship with CBD to the next level bringing CBD wellness to your first, second, and last impressions. Like other beauty products, CBD beauty products are full of antioxidants, charcoal, aloe, Shea butter, and, most importantly: CBD. They give all the benefits of high-quality beauty products with the added benefits of CBD wellness. 

CBD for sleep

CBD as a sleep aid is also very popular. CBD infused melatonin capsules can decrease the time it takes to fall asleep and leave you feeling more rested the next day. Another great option for CBD as a sleep aid is pure CBD oil. Meds Biotech has a range of CBD oils, which can be ingested directly by mouth or added to food and drinks. These ranges come in all different strengths and as pure CBD isolate or full spectrum.


Selecting your CBD strength

CBD products come in very low amounts of CBD, 50-250 mg of CBD per product, to very high levels, 500-1000mg per product. If you’re new to CBD, start low and increase over time to see how you feel. If you’ve been using CBD for a while and are trying to increase the benefits, selecting a higher dose CBD product may be best for you.

Our bodies are primed to accept and distribute cannabinoids where they’re needed. Everyone is different, so testing products and knowing your body is essential in selecting strength.