The Top Ten Wellness Trends of 2019

Posted on August 15, 2019
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Wellness, which includes everything from fitness and healthy eating, to mental health, mindfulness, and every kind of self-improvement in between, is more important than ever. And there’s always a new way to invest in yourself. Here are the wellness trends making huge waves in 2019.


CBD, short for cannabidiol, the all-natural and non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, is booming for many of its therapeutic qualities. CBD is being infused into a wide variety of products. We’re talking about everything from gummy bears to cake pops and even honey, making CBD easy to incorporate into your daily wellness routine. Ladies and gents are infusing CBD into their everyday lifestyle with CBD oils and edibles, into their skincare routines with CBD bath and beauty products, as daily supplements, and many other ways. Our friends at Meds Biotech offer a wide variety of CBD wellness and skincare products all offered in different strengths for you to enjoy your CBD at home or on the go.

One big advantage of CBD over medical marijuana is its legality. Although both recreational and medical marijuana are becoming increasingly legal throughout the United States, CBD is legal and available everywhere. While getting marijuana for medicinal use can still be complicated, buying CBD is as easy as whipping out your smartphone and clicking “buy now”.


Back in the day, if you wanted healthier milk, you might buy nonfat milk or soy milk, although that had a distinctly un-milk-like flavor. In 2019 you’re more likely to opt for almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, or even cashew milk. Alt-milks are low in saturated fats, and sometimes they’re better for the environment than classic cow’s milk. They’re also popular among a large percentage of the global population who are lactose intolerant, providing a pleasing alternative without all the gastrointestinal complications. Of course, alt-milks are very popular among those practicing veganism too, which has been a booming health trend for years.

Wellness Home Tech

You might associate home tech more with entertainment, such as big TVs, or labor-saving devices, like washing machines or an Amazon Echo. But did you know that home tech meant to improve your wellbeing is booming in popularity too? Of course, there are wearable devices like fitness trackers and fancy home gym equipment like Peleton bikes, but there are also sleep trackers that attach to your mattress, a $1,500 mirror that doubles as a fitness instructor, and, of course, a myriad of apps you can install on your smartphone, computer, Apple TV, or Roku — whichever you prefer — that promotes wellness in its many forms.

Digital Detox

Have a little too much tech in your life? Or perhaps you have a little too much of a certain kind of tech, like social media, in your life. That’s why the digital detox is booming in popularity. People are limiting their use of Facebook or other social media platforms, or taking breaks from them altogether, just to allow themselves to reconnect with the outside world. This is why a whopping 15 million fewer Americans are using Facebook today than did in 2017.

The Body-Inclusivity Movement

People of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and levels of ability are being included in wellness more than they ever have been before. Laverne Cox was the first trans Cosmo cover girl, and boys are making waves in the female-dominated cosmetics industry like never before. But it’s much more than that. More yoga classes are being taught in Spanish, contrasting with the yoga stereotype of the white Lululemon-wearing woman. Clothing brands are also embracing more shapes and sizes. Diversity in wellness is still a major issue, however, in small but significant ways, it is beginning to be addressed.

Body Hair

Women’s body hair is back in style. Women are embracing their natural body hair more than they have in years. There’s Januhairy, where women are encouraged to grow out their leg hair on the coldest month of the year, instead of feeling ashamed of what is a very natural part of their bodies. Oh, and bushes are big too. Meanwhile, men are going in the opposite direction, with manscaping being more accepted and mainstream than ever before.

The Men are in The Game

Speaking of men, they’re more into wellness than ever. They meditate, they do yoga, and trendy brands like Hims take care of their more personal needs, from male pattern hair loss to erectile dysfunction. Plus there are more skincare and haircare products out there for men than ever before. As for watching what they eat, go to any gym and you’ll lose count of all the men with protein shakes in their hands. More men are caring about their bodies than ever, and it shows.


It seems that yoga is bigger and more accessible than ever, and you don’t have to sign up for an expensive private course to get the benefits. Just take a look through Facebook event listings in any major city and you’ll find scores of inexpensive public yoga classes, from yoga happy hours to yoga at museums and beachfront yoga offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Plus you can come and go as you please. These days, joining a yoga class is as easy as buying a beer.

Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based meat is booming, and being a vegetarian or vegan is more mainstream than ever, although you certainly don’t have to be one to enjoy it. Long gone are the days of veggie burgers and bland soy foods. Now you can buy the meatless Impossible Whopper at Burger King, which even bleeds.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is a classic that’s been around for a while. It is quickly becoming a more welcome and healthier option than sodas or sugary drinks these days. Sure, seltzer and other fizzy waters like Perrier and San Pellegrino have been around for a while, but then there’s La Croix. The fizzy water which comes in a variety of light flavors has been popular in the midwest for decades and virtually unknown everywhere else, but it just exploded in national popularity within the last year or so. Sensing the trend, it was quickly followed by other water producers introducing their own flavored fizzy options.