Remaining focused can mean the difference between making major progress in your life or suffering the productivity equivalent of sitting around counting daisies and cloud watching. But with all the distractions we have today, staying focused is hard. But, thankfully, taking CBD is easy.

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What Causes Lack of Focus?

The major cause of lack of focus, according to researchers, is unexpected events and interruptions. In the same way that your body instantly stops what it's doing, say, when you drop something or your phone rings, it also instantly drops whatever it was that you were focused on before the event occurred. And studies show that it can take as long as 25 minutes to truly regain full focus. 

The modern world is overburdened with interruptions. If it’s not a coworker or a meeting interrupting your focus, it’s notifications from messaging apps blowing up your phone, the loudness of city life, or a million other distractions. Social media, in particular, has become the most addictive time-sucking technology known to man. 

Even our own mind can conspire against us. It can decide that it’s more important to remind us of the things we’re worried about in our daily lives than it is to focus while we’re trying to be productive at school or work — or on any project that is important to us. 

David Rock is the co-founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute and the author of “Your Brain at Work.” Rock claims research shows that full-time employees are truly focused on their work for a mere 6 hours per week! That’s little more than an hour a day. And Rock also claims that multitasking actually causes a measurable, if only temporary, drop in our IQ.

It should be no surprise that studies suggest 90 percent of employees do their best thinking outside of the office. 

This problem is not wholly new. School children throughout history have been nodding off in class or while doing homework and, therefore, minimizing their ability to learn. According to the book "Attention and Associative Learning," when students zone out in class, they inevitably have more trouble learning. 

And, to be fair, there are also impediments to focus that are purely biomechanical malfunctions. Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and attention deficit issues can severely impede our ability to focus on the task at hand. 

If you make the mistake of looking back too much, you aren't focused enough on the road in front of you. — Brad Paisley

But we love focus! When we’re at our most focused we feel a rush of energy like we’re “in the zone” experiencing a state of “flow.” We also get a rush from the feeling that we’re fulfilling our purpose. We completely lose track of time. It can be a truly exhilarating feeling! 

Fortunately, there are some simple actions that can be taken to reduce the various causes of defocus and get back into the flow.

Staying Focused Can Be Tough, Taking CBD is Easy > Paragraphs

Minimize Multitasking

Minimizing your multitasking can go a long way toward maintaining your focus. You can’t stay focused if your phone is abuzz with notifications and you’re checking your email every 10 minutes. 

And don’t deny it. A 2010 Wilkes University study found that a whopping 91 percent of college students are texting and checking social media and email during class. 

Furthermore, a Stanford study showed that heavy multitaskers have more difficulty maintaining focus. 

You can greatly minimize multitasking by turning off your phone, closing your email app, and only checking notifications and email at certain intervals throughout the day such as first thing in the morning, after your morning break, during and after a lunch break, after an afternoon break, and before ending your workday.

Care For Your Brain

For most of human history, we’ve been blaming our emotional states such as anxiety, depression, and lack of focus itself on external conditions. For example, someone who feels depressed will focus more on the depressing aspects of life. But science has shown that these issues are not the cause of our problem. 

The actual cause of these problems is often a simple chemical imbalance in the brain that can easily be corrected with a little help from mother nature, a little sunshine, and some moderate exercise. Those who live a healthy and balanced life find it far easier to focus than those with poor diets and sedentary lifestyles.

Staying Focused Can Be Tough, Taking CBD is Easy > Paragraphs


Meditation is to maintaining focus as weight lifting is to building muscle. The more you meditate, the stronger your power will be to focus. 

Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult or mysterious. Just finding some time to sit in nature or relax at a sidewalk cafe and watch the world go by can do wonders. 

The more you practice focusing on what’s going on around you at the moment — the sights, sounds, scents, feelings, and so on — and ignore your mind’s tendency to distract you with trivialities, the less you’ll become easily distracted, and the better you’ll be able to focus when you’re working or studying.

As Easy as CBD

Finding the time to meditate or workout isn’t always so easy these days. And to make matters worse, our phones have become objects of addiction. More and more anxious, depressed, attention-deprived Americans are looking for simple ways to reduce the stresses of modern life while they work on these larger issues.

CBD oil has become extremely popular among the public with as many as 40 percent of Americans enlisting the help of Mother Nature, herself, and enjoying the benefits provided by the essential extracts of hemp, aka CBD oil.

With a variety of formulas and product types, Meds Biotech offers simple, pharmacist-formulated CBD solutions for everyone. Whether it’s a few drops of Meds Biotech CBD oil with their morning regimen, or a Meds Biotech CBD oil capsule with their daily vitamin, or some Meds Biotech CBD gummy bears in their backpack or desk at work, Americans are increasingly turning to CBD oil as an antidote for modern living.

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