One Last Summer Hoorah with CBD

Posted on August 21, 2019

When summer hits, the kids are released into the world, and we all try to head out of the city as soon as possible. 

Now, the days are getting shorter, and autumn air is seeping into the evening breeze. However, the autumnal equinox — when the sun passes across the equator from the Northern to Southern Hemisphere — is still a month away.

For some, it can feel like kids can’t go back to school soon enough. For others, getting the kids out experiencing the world before school starts is a top priority. No matter how you’ve enjoyed your summer, there’s still plenty of time to check the last — or the first — few things off your bucket list before school starts and the long twilight evenings end.

Whether you have additional vacations planned or are just going to spend the remaining days of summer at home, grab some CBD and chill for the rest of the summer.


You probably know at least one friend who buys CBD, for themselves, for a family member, or even for a pet. 

According to Hemp Business Journal, a leading cannabis business data publication, CBD sales have increased each year since 2012, $200 million, and are estimated to keep climbing until 2022 with an expected $1.9 billion in sales. 

Even with your best intentions to get to the water park or spend some of the summers on self-care, it can be hard to make the time. CBD can help you take a toke of that relaxation lifestyle.

Whether you’ve been meaning to buy your first oil or hand cream but haven’t gotten around to it, or if you just heard about CBD, there are plenty of options available for you to enjoy CBD. 

One of the most common ways is via varying strengths of oil drops. You can add a few measured drops to drinks or recipes, but Consumer Reports indicates that holding the oil under your tongue is a quicker way for your body to absorb CBD.

If you want to have your CBD cake and eat it too, try adding a drop or two of Meds Biotech CBD Oil to cool cake-flavored milkshake. There’s no better way to chill than with a delicious, creamy milkshake infused with a drop of CBD oil on a hot, sunny day.

Go to the drive-in

Speaking of sunny days, what’s a better way to take advantage of the evening summer air than to get cozy at the drive-in. 

There’s nothing more reminiscent of summer than the crackly drive-in radio clipped to car doors, the larger than life screens, and tailgating with snacks for the double feature. 

In 1933, Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr, founded the first drive-in. Since about mid-century, these outdoor movie watching gems declined in popularity, but they remain a special summer treat that thousands enjoy. 

Here’s a list to find the closest to you: USA Today found drive-ins across almost all 50-states. Alternatively, you could set something up right at home with blankets in the grass, a sheet, and a projector.

The best part about the drive-in, though, is enjoying your own snacks and the extra space afforded by sitting in the car. CBD pops or perhaps a few CBD Infused Gummy Bears would go great with movies for a little relaxation.

Go on a hike

With more than half the world’s population living in urban centers, getting out of the concrete jungle and on the trail is shown to be beneficial to our bodies in many ways.

The August and September heat are perfect months for a long hike. By August and September, the intense summer solstice sun begins to wane, making it the ideal time to catch the last rays of summer. 

Getting our hearts pumping regularly, especially in the fresh air, is key to long term physical health.

There are thousands of national and state parks, wildlife refuges, forests, canyons, and more across the USA. These parks are maintained and looked after to conserve endemic species and protect historic sites like ancient cave paintings in Canyonlands National Park in Utah.

You can boost your energy before your hike, and as a part of your regular workout routine, with the CBD energy capsule from MedsBiotech. Acetyl L Carnitine is an amino acid, which, among other things, can be used as a source of energy for the body. 

If you haven’t hiked much this summer, you might want to pre-prep for recovery. The sweet soreness of well-used muscles, though satisfying, can also use some pampering as well. Treat your muscles to a nourishing, relaxing bath with CBD bath salts.

Rainy day spa day 

Whether you’re finished hiking for the day, need a night off from the kids, or just want to treat yourself, a spa night is a great way to take a break from the summer excitement.

Grab a glass of wine and turn on your favorite podcast. With the peepers chirping through the open window slide into a bath with your favorite scent of Medsbiotech’s CBD bath bombs.

Bath bombs fizz and sizzle when they come in contact with the water. Almost immediately, you notice the refreshing aroma of the essential oils as your bath starts to fill up with the relaxing ingredients. As the bomb breaks apart and continues to fizz, stir the water in the tub so the pieces will evenly distribute and dissolve.

The CBD oil and grapeseed oil in these bath bombs are nourishing and moisturizing for your skin. Each bomb has different essential oils like bright menthol, eucalyptus, soothing cherry blossom, or lavender. Whatever your mood, there’s a scent for you, and because each bath bomb has 100mg of CBD, you’ll be soaking in the relaxing properties of CBD.

Afterward, to seal into your skin the rich oils from the bath bomb, add you can lather up with the CBD Aloe & Jojoba Lotion. Aloe and jojoba are great for soothing rough spots and locking moisture into your skin. This lotion is excellent for a post-hike sunburn, as both jojoba and aloe are also used to soothe burned skin.