It’s Time to Glow Up! Introducing CBD Bath Bombs from Meds Biotech

Posted on May 16, 2019
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Do you have your bath routine down to a science? Are you in-and-out in ten minutes or less? Or do you spend a little more time soaking up the luxuriousness?

Well, nothing is more luxurious than a bath bomb!

To start with, baths are one of the best ways to relax. Adding a bath bomb to the mix boosts these benefits with the added bonus of essential oils, emollients, and - you guessed it - CBD!

CBD Bath Bombs are the latest in CBD products from Meds Biotech. We put our high-quality hemp-derived CBD oil into 12 brand new bath bombs aimed at giving you your own mini spa treatment. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the top reasons why these CBD bath bombs are making such a splash.

It’s Time to Glow Up! Introducing CBD Bath Bombs from Meds Biotech

Bath Bombs Are Great for Everyone

Soaking in the tub gets your blood flowing, but did you also know that it can open up your pores? This means your skin will start to feel silky smooth once you throw one of these bombs into the tub.

You can soak in the tub for hours with one of our bath bombs, making your skin feel softer the longer you soak. The moisturization will penetrate deeply, softening your skin from the inside out.

You’ll notice the difference almost immediately. That’s because CBD bath bombs will have you feeling great. Soaking in the tub with a little CBD and the added bonus of Dead Sea salt can recharge your skin and get you back to your natural, glowing self.

It’s Time to Glow Up! Introducing CBD Bath Bombs from Meds Biotech

Bath Bombs Create an Atmosphere

Speaking of a glow up, all of your senses deserve a treat. Your mood, your body, and your skin can all benefit from the luxury of a spa treatment. But relax! You don’t even have to leave your house. Just add a CBD bath bomb to your routine to create the same kind of atmosphere.

To build that vibe, we designed our bath bombs to meet whatever the day throws at you. We have bath bombs for bad days, bath bombs for good days, and bath bombs even for those just because days. Drop one in the warm water and watch it bubble, fizz, and transform your bathtub into scrumptious spa soak.

Note the steam and warmth when you climb into the water. That steam can act as aromatherapy. Go ahead and breathe deep and let the CBD sink into your lungs and inspire that relaxing feeling. Your skin, your body, your mind - even your soul will thank you. Our expert tip for creating the perfect spa atmosphere is to pick out a CBD bath bomb with your favorite scent.

The Scent You Choose Is Extremely Important

Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our five senses. That’s why our bath bombs are made with high-quality essential oils and come in 12 different scents.

Maybe you need to relax after a busy day with a snuggle bomb. Or if you’re soaking it up before a night on the town, get lit with a eucalyptus spearmint blend that will ignite your senses.

No matter which scent you choose to stimulate you, you can use Meds Biotech CBD Bath Bombs with confidence. Each bomb comes with 100mg of CBD. That’s more than enough to fill up the tub!