How About A Little MCT Oil with Your CBD?

Posted on March 13, 2019
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What’s super easy to digest, isn’t stored as fat, packs tons of quick energy, and is a great match for hemp-derived CBD oil? Why, coconut-derived MCT oil, of course! With a little CBD in your MCT, you’re going places! 

How About A Little MCT Oil with Your CBD?

What Is MCT Oil?

We’re all used to our natural health supplements having nice names like licorice root and milk thistle and turmeric. When something comes along with the name medium chain triglycerides, health nuts might look askance thinking this is just another chemical being passed off as food.

But look askance not, for MCT oil, as it’s more commonly referred to is quite common in plants, and it’s something that all animals produce naturally. In fact, it’s a substance without which we cannot live.

The term “medium chain” simply refers to the arrangement of the carbon molecules in the oil, and it’s really not the part with which you should be concerned. The more important part of the equation is “triglycerides.”  

Triglycerides are the main constituents of body fat in humans and all other animals. These healthy oils are also produced naturally in vegetables and are found in products such as, in this case, coconut oil.

In fact, triglycerides are the most user-friendly ingredient in vegetable oils. Although MCT oil is technically considered a “saturated fat,” which you may have heard is not good for you, the truth is that there’s the good kind of saturated fat, and there’s the bad kind of saturated fat. And MCT oil is the good kind.

Because MCT oil comes from a plant (coconut palm) and not an animal, the body doesn’t treat it like the not-good-for-you saturated fats found in meat and that lead to cardiovascular disease.

In technical terms, MCT oil is non-atherosclerotic. What this means is it doesn’t contribute to the buildup of plaques in your arteries like animal fats do.

Another big plus in the MCT column is that MCT oils do not oxidize in the body like the saturated fats contained in animal fat. This oxidization process can result in the creation of harmful molecules called free radicals floating around in your body. These bad guys cause damage to your cells and even to your DNA potentially resulting in the development of cancer. Not only do MCT’s not oxidize in the body, but they also act as powerful antioxidants binding to free radicals and rendering them harmless.

How About A Little MCT Oil with Your CBD?

Health Benefits of MCT Oil

According to nutrition experts, the average American diet is severely lacking in MCT’s, and we should be consuming them every day.

One huge check mark in the MCT oils column is that the liver easily metabolizes it. MCTs are also very easy to digest and are very energy-dense making them an excellent source of energy. Unlike most animal fats, your body doesn’t store MCT oil in fat cells, but instead, uses it as fuel.  This makes MCT oil highly desirable in clinical and sports nutrition products. Endurance athletes often consume MCT oil before a big event.

Because MCT’s are so much easier to digest than their long-chain cousins, they are better tolerated by patients with digestive conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s and colitis.

MCTs are also great for gut health helping to fight off harmful bacteria and fungi that can upset your gut environment.

Meds Biotech’s CBD-Infused MCT Oils

Meds Biotech CBD now offers a line of full-spectrum CBD oils. Each 30 ml dropper bottle contains anywhere from 25 mg of CBD all the way up to a whopping 3500 mg of CBD. This wide range of strengths provides users with the ability to determine accurate serving sizes depending on their daily requirements easily.

As always, Meds Biotech CBD products are pharmacist formulated, made with naturally-grown organic hemp CBD, contain zero synthetic cannabinoids, and undergo third-party testing to assure they are free of contaminants.

Meds Biotech strives to be a CBD company of a different kind - one that you can always trust to provide top-quality products that are safe for your entire family.

So, to wrap this up, MCT oils are easy to digest and metabolize, they pack a ton of energy, they’re not converted to fat in your body, they won’t clog your arteries, and they help to fight off disease. And they make a great addition to your CBD oil. Click here to see the full list of Meds Biotech CBD MCT oil tinctures. 

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